“We are our own creators, our own healers and our own wisdom lies within. Sometimes we just need some guidance and reminders along the way.”

Hello there,

A photo of Emily Kaye sitting at the base of a big tree with a crystal bowl

My name is Emily. I am on a journey of fully embodying the essence of unconditional love, divinity and sovereignty. My mission and purpose is to anchor in light activation codes and frequencies of the highest timeline of divine light and feminine christ consciousness on the planet.

My own journey has asked me to decondition my mind and body from the old way of having to do and instead allow myself to be in a flow state, flowing freely in what I came here to do. This inner freedom allows me to act as a bridge between Heaven and Earth and be a mirror of high vibrational and unconditional love for others.

I am embracing my multidimensional self and am passionate about awakening this in others who resonate with my work. It’s time we remove all the masks, allow ALL of our humanness, craziness and unique divine expression and allow all others to do the same.

Each one of us is exactly where we are meant to be. When we can truly trust in this and surrender fully, our empowered divine expression can emerge. 

We are all way showers, light workers, leaders in our own right. My mission is to fully embody my inner priestess so I can provide a reflection to you, so you too can remember your inner power and high frequency magic!

My deep calling is to host healing spaces and events which offer deep embodiment practices that allow for full self-expression, shifting of stagnant energies through sound, dance, meditation and breath and offering deep healing and realignment through powerful sound healing transmissions.

A photo of Emily Kaye with another woman in prayer
I look forward to connecting with you…

Qualified Reiki Practitioner

Qualified Meditation teacher

Intuitive Sound Healer

Kundalini Dance Facilitator (coming soon)

Energy Healing Sessions

My energy healing sessions combine a number of different energy healing modalities, including Reiki, as well as my own intuitive energetic gifts. I start each session with a mini sound bath which helps the whole body to relax and encourages the mind to let go. In these private sessions I work with both individuals as well as couples. 



60 minute Energy Healing Session

90 minute Energy Healing Session




60 minute Energy Healing Session

90 minute Energy Healing Session

Sound Bath Meditations
A photo of Emily Kaye sitting with her crystal sound healing bowls

I use sound healing as a way for my soul to speak to yours, so you can drop into your body and allow the sounds, tones and vibrations to wash over you as you connect to your own sense of inner peace. I work with a number of different instruments to create a deeply immersive and relaxing experience. Sound baths help to purify the body and mind of all imbalances, bringing about a sense of ease and wellbeing.

I offer both private and couple Sound Bath Sessions in my home studio and I can also come to your home for an additional travel charge. I also run a fortnightly group Sound Bath Meditation event on every second Sunday. See upcoming workshops further down the page for more information.



Private Sessions
60 minute Sound Bath Session $125
90 minute Sound Bath Session $145

Couple Sessions
60 minute Sound Bath Session $150
90 minute Sound Bath Session $175
Group Sound Bath Meditation
60 minute Sound Bath Meditation $20

Workshops, Wellness Days & Retreats

A photo of a women's event

I run a monthly Wellness Day, which is held in beautiful, lush locations. These events are an opportunity for you to take a day for yourself, connect with yourself, connect with the Earth, slow down and reset your energy.

We’ll move through a number of practices including meditation, breathwork techniques, journaling exercises, group work, and a sound bath session. You’ll have time to spend in silence and connecting with the land. A beautiful vegetarian lunch and snacks will be provided.


Upcoming Workshops

No scheduled events – check back soon!

Conscious Day Vibes | 27 March 2021 | Currumbin Valley, QLD

“I have struggled with my physical and mental health the last 2 years and was at a loss until I was referred to Emily by a friend. I had a sound/reiki healing session for 60 minutes and can’t recommend enough. Emily made me feel really welcome and I walked out feeling extremely relaxed and at peace with myself, for the first time in what feels like forever. A few days after my session was when I felt the best; virtually nil anxiety and pretty much symptom free from my condition. Thank you so much beautiful! Can’t wait for our next session.”
Steph A
“So grateful to Emily in sharing her amazing gifts. Her ability to not only create a beautiful environment but also to assist in the healing in what ever area one is seeking is profound. I experienced with her, such a depth of healing that is truly life changing. Thank you Emily.”
Franco S
“Emily has such a beautiful nature and has created an equally beautiful space for her healing and Reiki. My experience was both relaxing and also healing on the level that I felt was perfect for me. Such a beautiful experience and I certainly will continue on a regular basis ♥️ ”
Kirsten W
“Thank you Emily for a wonderful session. Such a friendly and insightful woman, gave me some helpful advice for practicing meditation. I loved the feel and set up of the room. Would highly recommend.”
Penny N
“As a busy mum of 4 with multiple chronic illnesses and ptsd from a traumatic childhood, I have always struggled to find time for myself. My “fight or flight” system is stuck in the on position which has affects on my anxiety, pain levels, sleep issues and my overall health. Having had several sessions with Emily, I find that I leave each time feeling lighter, like a weight has been lifted. I sleep better, my pain is more stable and I generally feel relaxed. I cannot recommend Emily’s healing energy highly enough. She is a truly beautiful soul inside and out.”
Kylie B
“Emily’s Reiki session was the deepest I’ve ever been with an energy healer. I went into such deep relaxation and could feel my entire body being showered with the most pure loving energy. It was deeply healing for my mind, body and emotions. These reiki sessions are deep shamanic journey’s into yourself… would recommend for every person who wants to connect with themselves and heal imbalances within their physical or energy bodies.”
Sarah R
“I just received some Intuitive Energy Healing from Emily and was blown away. I have always been skeptical when it comes to Reiki but as soon as the session started I could feel my whole body respond to Emily’s energy and presence. I drifted off into a deep theta state and had several big energetic releases, one of which was in the heart area. I highly recommend her healing to anyone and would call it far more than just Reiki. The sound healing element that she weaves into the session creates such a sacred space and I am feeling incredible.”
Victoria R
“Emily who has a pure and loving soul does beautiful meditation and sound healing which is the perfect way to help you wind down from a busy week to help you feel relaxed and to find your inner peace plus day retreats.”
Tania N
“We did a group session with Emily and it was such an amazing experience! The sound healing was something really special, and Emily herself is a gorgeous soul. Highly recommend!”
Emily O
“I have done sound/reiki healing session with Emily and it was amazing! Emily is a caring person with such a beautiful energy. Easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I will definitely be coming back!”
Marketa D
“Amazing Reiki and sound healing today. Emily is such a balanced soul, I left feeling relaxed, and energised! I’ll be back for sure.”
Kate H
“Emily has a beautiful energy and makes you feel very relaxed and calm. Her room is set up to unwind all your senses to a place of calm and is a wonderful environment to sink into a space of healing. The sound bowls resonate around you and help calm your busy mind, but for my husband and I (we had a session each) the after effects of the sessions were very much noticeable and welcomed. Every ‘body’ reacts differently and will have their own experience of healing, but if you are open to receiving, it is a worthwhile experience. We both highly recommend Emily’s services.”
Thomas & Tina N
“Emily has such a nurturing soul, she is so intuitive, and she lights up the room with her energy. I had the most healing reiki session with her which left me calm, relaxed and revitalised. Emily definitely has a gift!”
Stephii D
“Emily is a down to earth, spiritual soul, she is so easy to talk to and relate to. Which is so important, because when it comes to energy healing you must be comfortable with the healer. Emily has been on many spiritual journeys – she is an Old Soul that has lived many lives and has come into mine to serve a beautiful purpose. I had a wonderful experience with Emily of clearing blocked chakras and energy to give me mindfulness and mental clarity. Thanks gorgeous – grateful to have found you.”
Heidi H
“Emily is a natural-born healer. Her hands are filled with a healing vibration. A session with Emily is a powerful experience of stress-relief and transformation. Thank you Emily.”
Susana M
“My session with Emily was so much more than what I was expecting. I feel so comfortable in her presence and that allowed me to drop into a deeply relaxed state very quickly. The use of sound at the beginning took me even deeper. Emily is so pure of spirit and essence, she was made to do this work. I look forward to having many more sessions with Emily. It is so nourishing.”
Emily R

Let’s Connect!

A photo of Emily Kaye with a dum

I’m so looking forward to connecting with you. Please send me a message if you have any questions or if you would like to book a session.

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